Church & Dwight is the world's largest producer of sodium bicarbonate otherwise know as Baking Soda. Over 150 years ago, in 1846, two New Englander's John Dwight and his brother-in-law, Dr. Austin Church took the first step in putting baking soda into nearly every kitchen throughout North America.

John Dwight and Dr. Austin Church, started their first factories in their kitchens by putting Baking Soda into paper bags.

A year later, in 1847, the firm of John Dwight and Company was formed, and Cow Brand was adopted as a trademark because of the use of sour milk with saleratus (aerated salt) in baking.

Based on its popularity, Dr. Church felt there was a larger need for saleratus of baking soda, a need that demanded the development of larger production facilities. He formed his own partnership known as Church & Company, doing business under that firm name with his sons James A. Church and E. Dwight Church. He used the ARM & HAMMER brand as his trademark to identify the baking soda manufactured by Church & Co.

In 1896, the descendants of the founders of these two firms consolidated their interests under the name of Church & Dwight Co., Inc.

The company officially entered the Canadian market in 1904, under the name Church & Dwight Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of its American parent company. While Church & Dwight the company continued to focus on developing its range of consumer and specialty products, it also grew through strategic acquisitions.

In September 2001, Armkel LLC, which was formed by Church & Dwight and certain independent investors, and Church & Dwight acquired the consumer products business of Carter-Wallace, Inc. including Carter Horner, a leader in the manufacture and distribution of quality over the counter pharmaceutical products such as Gravol, Diovol, and Ovol.

The acquisition also brought such well-known brands as TROJAN Condoms, NAIR, ARRID, RUBA535, and FIRST RESPONSE pregnancy test kits into the Armkel/Church & Dwight family.

Today the use of bicarbonate of soda is no longer confined to the kitchen. It is used throughout the house, in every phase of housekeeping and personal hygiene. ARM & HAMMER Baking Soda, which was first prepared in a New England village, now is used the world over.


The ARM & HAMMER symbol was first used in the early 1860's by James A. Church, the son of Dr. Austin Church, one of the founders of our business. James A. Church operated a spice and mustard business known as the Vulcan Spice Mills.

In Roman mythology, Vulcan, the god of fire, was especially skilled in fashioning ornaments and arms for the gods and heroes. The ARM & HAMMER symbol, therefore, represented the arm of Vulcan with hammer in hand about to descend on an anvil.

In 1867, when James A. Church joined his father as a member of Church & Co., he brought along the ARM & HAMMER trademark and began using it on some of the Baking Soda packages that were being sold under various labels. Soon people were requesting the package with the ARM & HAMMER symbol on it more than all others. The rest is history.

Originally used exclusively on our Baking Soda packages, the trademark now identifies an array of quality consumer and specialty products in use throughout the world. Today Church & Dwight Canada Corp., strives to continue its tradition of providing products of high quality and performance that meet genuine consumer needs.